Adoptable Rabbits

Whilst we are not strictly a fully functioning rescue (yet?), we do offer a ‘match-making’ service by lending a hand to those who approach asking for help when situations arise and new homes are needed for their Rabbits. This gives the owners the peace of mind that their much loved pets will not end up in the wrong hands, when for whatever reason, they need to find new families for their furry friends as our charity will both vet and home-check potential new owners on your behalf to ensure the long-term welfare for those rabbits.

We can also assist on bonding and any other rabbit related questions and offer follow up advice regarding diet, housing, health and so on, to ensure the best outcome possible for all involved.

If you wish to adopt any of the lovely bunnies then please contact us at



Available Bunnies

Sorry, we currently don’t have any bunnies awaiting rescue, please contact the following rescue centers below as they have lots of lovely bunnies looking for a new home

Collective Animal Rescue 

Borders Pet Rescue

Baby Blue Bee Bunnies

Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care

The Underheugh Ark Rescue

The Animal Rescue Centre Arbroath

Scottish SPCA


Happy re-homed bunnies

otis oreo



Our adorable trio of bonded sister bunnies Evee (black), Piper (grey with light brown flecks) and Prue have all found a hoppy home together!