Sponsor a Bunny Scheme

We have several sanctuary Rabbits currently in our care, all with various health issues, or simply the partners of those with health issues who you can support via a small monthly sponsorship via the GoCardless safe and secure Direct Debit web payment site and help us provide for their care and welfare for life.



Sponsor Maissie for £2 a month here

Sponsor Munchkin for £2 a month here

Sponsor Skye for £2 a month here

Sponsor Benji for £2 a month here

Sponsor Flossy for £2 a month here

Sponsor Stan for £2 a month here

Sponsor Alfie for £2 a month here

By signing up for the monthly subscription you will receive a sponsor certificate of the rabbit of your choosing, the story of your sponsor rabbitand quarterly updates too! The small monthly payment will help greatly with their day to day care costs and any unforeseen Vet bills which may arise in the future in addition to assisting us in our everyday charitable work.