Advocates For Rabbit Welfare

Please note, as of May 2023 we officially dissolved our charity via OSCR and are no longer an active organisation.

The following pages will remain as a source of information towards the betterment of (domestic) rabbit welfare.

Formally known as Rabbits Require Rights (Scotland)

Raising awareness and education alongside offering advice and support towards the betterment of (pet) rabbit welfare by promoting RWAF beliefs, standards and educational information.

Despite being the third most popular pets in Britain, rabbits are the MOST neglected domestic pet.

Most owners are not deliberately neglectful towards their pets, but our mindsets and the way in which rabbits are largely perceived, housed and even sold does little to alter or change those outdated perceptions, therefore Rabbits are still viewed and often treated as a cheap, easy, low maintenance, child friendly ‘starer pet’ and sadly, in a lot of cases, disposable! 


Rabbits are none of the above ‘statements’; their needs are complex and specific to their species, in truth, whilst they may actually be a small animal they are in fact a BIG responsibility!

So please, before you even think about Rabbit Ownership, do YOUR research 1st, and when your ready, confident and prepared for all that rabbit companionship has to offer, hop along to your nearest Rescue and Adopt, don’t shop!


Why Adopt?

With an estimated 67,000 rabbits in rescue during 21012 alone (RWAF Study) it’s not only the ethical choice but a sensible financial choice too!

A reputable rescue will not only vaccinate but neuter the rabbits in their care prior to re-homing them in addition to having full a health check carried out on each animal to ensure that, as far as possible, any health problems have been found or treated.

They will also assist and advise you on any concerns you may have to ensure the best for both bunny and owner in addition to offering help bonding should you wish to find a new friend for your existing rabbit or add to a group.

With an adoption fee ranging from around £60+ per animal that is a BIG saving for the pet owner.

Think about it

Buy a rabbit from a pet shop or breeder – approx £30 each
Vaccinate – approx £40+
Neuter – Male £80+ female £100+

Straight away you save, not just money but lives!!

to find your nearest rescue search online via Rabbit Rehome or Rescue Review

There’s a lot more to providing for the welfare needs than these small animal than you may realise.


RWAF have some great resources which cover ALL Aspects of Rabbit care and welfare which you can find here.