Munchkin arrived with us after being alerted by one of our supporters to yet another, free to good home advert on Gumtree. His picture made for a sorry sight.

gumtree bun

This little guy was just over a year old and was now being given away by his 2nd owner. Whilst she did make the right decision (if only to re-home him) she was clearly upset about having to do so, but thankfully for his sake, he came to a very good home and did not end up in the wrong hands; which sadly too many ‘free to good home‘ animals often do!

Munchkin was a childrens’ pet: terrified and confined to a cage in a busy, noisy household. His cage was barren except for a bowl containing some leftover muesli mix commercial rabbit food and a pile of iceberg lettuce and a few scraps of soiled hay. Not a great diet for any bun!

His lower back was stained yellow, a tell tale sign that he spent most of his life hunched up in the ‘toilet’ corner of the cage, with no place to hide.


Whilst friendly, alert and active, this wee guy had some serious fear issues and would freeze, tense up and give you the odd growl when you got too close for comfort, thankfully he had no aggressive traits (biting, lunging etc) which are often apparent in emotionally damaged bunnies, but it was clear he had been mishandled regularly over time and as such, was not at ease with human interaction.

Munchkin clearly loved a cage free life, even if his new home was a ‘temporary’ one set up in my bathroom. He was booked in for a health check, vaccinations and neuter Op ASAP and given time to adjust and slowly learn to trust the new human in his life. Whilst he was found to be underweight and had some minor dental spurs, again something which is common when fed an inappropriate diet, his health was good and the dental spurs soon resolved themselves once he was given the correct diet consisting largely of hay.

Once recovered and given time to settle after his neuter operation he was introduced to our single lady bun, Maissie. Theirs was a fairly quick bond and they soon fell in love and both continue to live a hoppy, cage free life in the RRR household and giving mum the odd cheeky grump and playful nip. They are most definitely a match made in heaven these two, they are extremely close and often quite vocal with their happy humming as they hop and binky around their home.

2015-06-24 17.50.23