Majik was a former Buddies Bunny Rescue Sanctuary bun and came into committee member Anne’s care after the passing of her bond mate, Skinny.

Her foster carers felt that with Majik’s ageing years and the fact that they both worked long hours, they could not give her the time and attention she would undoubtedly need now that she was own her own and felt that she would benefit from a home that could offer her the time, fuss, love and attention she required.

Anne happily stepped in; Majik was a firm favourite of many a volunteer and visitor at Buddies prior to their closure and won the heart of everyone she encountered. She was an absolute joy and lapped up attention, cuddles and more!


Even my own doggy, Kookie (now sadly gone), was a bit of a big feartie when it comes to our bunnies, but even she could not escape Majik’s incessant demands for cuddles!


Sadly Majik was not with us for long, she was getting on in years and had on and off bouts of snuffles (Pasteurella) over the years; unfortunately this infection ultimately took it’s toll on our girl, even after continued medications, regular vet trips and daily nebuliser sessions, the difficult decision was made in the interest of her overall welfare and she was helped on her way over the bridge earlier this year.

Binky free Majik ♥