Rabbits are a naturally social species who thrive on the company of their own kind and live in large social groups in the wild.

Domestic rabbits are no different in this aspect, and wherever possible, they should share their lives and homes with another friendly, neutered rabbit or if you have enough space, rabbits!


They also need plenty of interaction from you, their owner. Not only will you gain the trust of what is generally a shy species, they do enjoy positive interaction from us mere humans. They will soon come to regard you as a friend, not foe; this will help you pick up on any potential warning signs when it comes to their health and overall welfare as well as offering a more rewarding bunny/owner experience.

We have over the years been led to believe that the mixing of rabbits with other small mammals to be beneficial to their needs; this could not be further from the truth, and the most common mismatched pairing is that of rabbits and guinea pigs.

Of course rabbits can get on very well with other species, however, they should not be made to live alongside them in an enclosed area!

There are many good reasons why these two animals should not share the same living space.



However, if your rabbit already has a strong bond with for example, a guinea pig, then it is recommended that you do not separate these friends. However you should ensure that they both have adequate space, and are able to escape the other should the need arise alongside maintaining good hygiene levels within the home and ensuring the rabbit is neutered.

Therefore, this mismatched pairing should always be avoided as there are many more disadvantages to this friendship than there are advantages, so please bear this in mind and do what’s best for both species; provide them with company of their own kind.

If you currently have a single, neutered rabbit, then hop along to your nearest rescue and find them a bunny friend to share their life with.  We guarantee there is no better sight than a pair, or group, of bonded happy rabbits!