Patch sadly left us on 12th March ’17 after his condition deteriorated significantly and the sad decision had to be made to end his suffering.

Patch was an adorable big softie of a lad who came into our care in the summer of 2016 after one of our supporters got in touch about a bunny in need of a new home.


Lucky for him we had space to take him as one of our committee members, Anne, had recently lost her bunny boy, Sheldon, leaving his bun-wife Lilly (former Buddies Bunny Rescue sanctuary girl) without a companion.

Patch was given a few weeks to settle into his new home and undergo a health check and get his vaccinations up to date. Thankfully, besides the usual minor dental spurs – due to being over fed pellets previously – his health seemed to be otherwise good and he is getting used to a more bunny friendly diet consisting largely of hay and the odd fresh leafy green, which he clearly loves!


Anne had noted one concern however, in that his droppings are not as should be. He frequently produced ‘doubler’ poops (two normal dropping joined together) whilst on occasion others can be a bit on the small side. Sadly Patch has suffered a couple of bouts of Gut Stasis and after numerous checks and tests, he was diagnosed with Megacolon.

Megacolon is not a condition we’re overly familiar with, although it is believed to affected certain breeds more than others; English Spot. Unfortunately, its not a very well ‘recognised’ condition and very little information exists, even within Veterinary fields, therefore there is much still to be known. The link highlighted above is possibly one of the best resources currently available online. We would advise you to familiarise yourself with the condition as best you can, if only to have that wee bit of knowledge and awareness into the condition tucked away for future reference; although we sincerely hope your bunny’s never suffer from this ailment.

As always, if you suspect anything is amiss with your rabbits, then please speak to your Rabbit-savvy Vet in the 1st instance.

Meanwhile, Patch remained on long term medications to ward off any possible tummy upsets whilst Anne keeps a close eye on his day to day health and well-being.  He is otherwise a very happy, alert, loving and often, mischievous boy!

Patch soon found love with single bun lady Lilly, Anne reported that bonding these two was apparently a very smooth affair and they both appear to be very happy and content to have found each other.


It is always sad to loose our furry friends but we take great comfort in knowing he was happy, content and loved during his short time with us and shared a close bond with his wifey Lilly. He is greatly missed by all.