Our Sanctuary Buns

Whilst we neither have the funds or facilities to act as a rescue in order to accommodate our desire to help in the plight of the numerous unwanted rabbits out there, we do however have several sanctuary rabbits in our care, all of whom have hopped into our lives via our Charity work, and who, for varying health reasons, were/are not always suitable for re-homing.

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They all receive their day to day welfare needs, large spacious accommodation, a plentiful diet in addition to receiving whatever veterinary care they may require, a companion, and as is the case of several of our sanctuary buns, Veterinary treatments which are often ongoing.

We do insure our Buns via Petplan to limit unforeseen Vet fees wherever possible, but as is with the nature of rescue Buns, many health conditions and or injuries, are usually already apparent/known prior to seeing the Vet, or likewise, they are in need of immediate treatment which, in both instances, voids them from cover for life on certain health issues; these are classed as either pre-diagnosed or old and therefore are excluded from cover.

This said, it is not a fruitless task to insure rabbits (or any other pets) who may have known health problems, as you never know what it round the corner! Particularly with our Rabbits, when they take ill, they seem to have the knack of doing so during out of hours and as such, their health can not wait until the next available appointment nor surgery opening hours, therefore, more often than not, they must be seen as an out of hours emergency case. And with this in mind, we do highly recommend you insure your Rabbits.

All buns, wherever possible, have or will be bonded with friendly – neutered – bunny partners and will continue to live out their lives in our care. In total we have 30 rabbits between our active RRR members.

You can find out more about each of them all via the following dedicated pages (which are currently being added/updated). Additionally, you can help us give them a hoppy ever after life by sponsoring the sanctuary Rabbit of your choice via our dedicated Sponsor a Bunny Scheme.



Wee Willie Winkie









Flossy and Stan


Other Rescue Tales