Rabbit Breeding vs Neglect


This area is for the most part, unregulated!

Rabbits can and are bred by anyone with NO welfare checks on both standards and animal welfare.


Although Local Authorities (LA’s) can issue pet shop licences on such breeders most do not, and so they are un-licenced, un-inspected and their income is undeclared.

Animals are freely over bred, in-bred and sadly even cross bred, the potential of disease and injury to rabbits is high in addition to genetic defects passed on to unknowing owners which can lead to high veterinary bills or worst still the premature death of a loved pet.

The supply chain which stocks our Pet Shops is for the larger part, un-licenced and out of control thus it freely allows anyone to set-up as a breeder with no welfare checks whatsoever on individuals or animals.

Additionally the internet is full of “unlicenced” pet shops.

There are very few safeguards which will prevent incidences of hoarding and uncontrolled breeding, and as such, it is an area in urgent need of review and regulation; otherwise we risk allowing rodent mills to supply our pet shops, regardless of claims of regular inspection into breeding operations and conditions.

We are all horrified by the thought of Puppy Farms, but how can you be sure that litter of cute fluffy baby rabbits in the Pet Shop didn’t come from similar situations?

The truth is, you can’t!!


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