Are YOU being sold Pet Neglect…?

 We would argue, YES!



The truth is, many owners aren’t being deliberately neglectful towards their pet rabbits; they just aren’t being given the correct care advice, housing or dietary products at the point of sale.

The reality is, pet rabbit owners are still being mis-sold the outdated belief of the cheap and easy, child friendly pet and encouraged to buy hutches or indoor cages alongside dietary products which are detrimental to rabbit health.

This alongside an often severe lack of good, solid care advice at the point of sale in addition to:

  • Rabbits fed an improper diet from an early age and often throughout life,
  • a system which allows unregulated breeding to freely operate in order to supply our Pet Stores,
  • the common inability to correctly sex rabbits,
  • and a lack of accessible Rabbit Savvy Veterinary treatments for these complex animals.

Moreover, the biggest challenge we face is to change the public perception of these wonderful animals and rid the image of the rabbit in the hutch at the bottom of the garden as the norm; it is by far a hidden neglect!

These are just a few of the numerous issues that surround Rabbit Welfare; is it any wonder the situation is becoming increasingly critical for the UK’s 3rd most popular, yet still the MOST neglected companion pet?

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