What not to do

What we must NEVER do as Rabbit Owners!


NEVER bathe Rabbits….

Image from Spooky and Scully


NEVER trance Rabbits (lie them on their backs)

Image from RWAF


NEVER dress up Bunny



NEVER harness bunny – there may be lots of happy stories from owners with their bunny on a lead or harness, but please, DO NOT use a lead or harness/collar combo on rabbits! As a prey animal they can be so easily spooked and sudden movements will and can, cause irretrievable damage to those fragile bones. So, regardless of the numerous happy instances you will see online, we strongly advise against the use of leads, collars and harnesses. These are not natural to bunny; a couple of examples below….

Harness dangers 1

Harness Dangers 2





NEVER house rabbits with Guinea Pigs