Undercover Bunnies


Part of our Charitable purpose is to press the need for legislative reform for improved (domestic) rabbit welfare. Current laws are vastly outdated, specifically when it comes to the sale and breeding of our most neglected pets, additionally, current Animal Welfare laws fall short when it comes to protecting the overall health and welfare of rabbits.

On occasion we make random visits to pet shops in and around Scotland. Through this we not only build a portfolio of pet shop conditions by gathering photographic and recorded evidence on poor welfare and husbandry practises we encounter, but we also submit reports to the relevant Local Authority Licencing Boards and the Scottish SPCA when we find issues of concern.

YOU can help by reporting or submitting to us photographs or videos of poor conditions in any pet shops that you may be aware of. With this information we can build a stronger case for reform into not only Pet Vending but Animal Welfare laws in general.

Ideally we want to be able to work alongside pet shop owners but experience so far has shown that there is little to no likelihood of the majority of pet shop owners changing their ways as current laws offer little to no protection for our rabbits and other animals sold under these conditions.

It’s only by thumping our feet and giving a loud voice for Rabbit Welfare that change WILL happen so please be a voice and support the need for change.

Remember, Rabbits can’t speak; but WE CAN!

‘Undercover Bunnies’ are not vigilantes nor do is it our intention to cause harm to business or individuals.
We carry out undercover investigations taking into account the extent of the law – shops are public places and therefore it is not illegal to enter to either photograph or record animals on display. Remember, the welfare of the animals ARE protected by law and as such they are not privy to any business privacy laws, we have a moral, ethical and legal duty to report areas of concern.
Pet Shops are Governed under outdated Laws; Pet Animals Act 1951, the Animal Health Act 1981, or the Animal Health and Welfare ( Scotland ) Act 2006. All of which can be open to interpretation by those we trust to oversee the standards within pet shops.
We are simply building a portfolio of differing standards, conditions and advice found in a cross section of Pet Shops in Scotland.
With the evidence obtained we will use them provide us with a strong voice in our roles for Rabbit Welfare as stakeholders in both the Scottish Parliament’s Cross Party Group on Animal Welfare Committee and the Scottish Government’s Animal Welfare Division. Additionally, whenever necessary, we can use items of evidence to submit complaints to the relevant bodies should we come across anything of concern regarding any animals or conditions witnessed. It is through these actions we can not only highlight that current legislation does not protect Rabbit Welfare but show that there IS a need for legislative change.
We have our own Rabbits Require Rights Youtube channel to which all undercover bunny investigations will be uploaded.
Please feel free to comment & share for others & help get the message out that Rabbits Require Rights, Now!