Petal, as she was originally called and then given the permanent, more suitable name of Skye by one of our bunderful Vets, Jenna Richardson at The Royal (Dick) Veterinary School’s Rabbit Clinic,  came to us purely by accident. Whilst out picking up some bunny supplies during May 2015, one of our committee members, Anne had popped into Drum Feeds to pick up some hay and ended up coming home with this beautiful big girl! 

Skye has been abandoned by her owner in a nearby business and John at Drum Feeds had kindly been helping out with a supply of hay and pellets until such times they could find her a new home.
He told Anne about this little girl’s sorry tale, so off she hopped over to see the bunny and was immediately appalled to see the size of the cage the poor girl was being kept in. Needless to say Anne came home with more than just her hay that day!!

Skye is some type of Giant cross breed, just look at those ears! We have no idea her age or background other than her owner simply left her at his place of work in the care of his unwitting employer and did not return to neither his place of work, or to collect his pet.

Thankfully her appetite was great, her poops big and as Anne was soon to discover, plentiful, and with that she had no obvious signs of ill health. She was soon to enjoy a cage free life and during those 1st few weeks, took over Anne’s bedroom until she was able to go along for her 1st Vet visit for a full health check, vaccinations and neuter operation was scheduled.

The cage she was housed in measures just over 1ft WIDE, 1.5ft high by 3ft long .. how can anyone possibly justify that as a suitable home for any bunny, let alone one for such an obviously big girl!


The good news for Skye was that Anne had a single male bun who lost his wife earlier that year so once she had recovered and settled from her spay operation, she would be bonded with Benji.

And bond they did!!
Both Skye and Benji have themselves a happy forever home in the care of Anne and RRR.