Rabbits Require Rights (Scotland) Scottish Registered Charity No: SC044268

Formed in Sept 2013 and obtained Charitable Status in 2014, it is our aims to raise awareness and provide education alongside offering advice & support towards the betterment of (pet) rabbit welfare by promoting RWAF beliefs, standards & educational information.


Additionally we actively pursue reform via Scottish Parliament, with the support and input from other concerned welfare groups and individuals, in the hope of obtaining legislative protection for companion Rabbits.

Whilst we recognise improved awareness & access to education is of course key to improving the lives of our most neglected pets, we strongly believe however, that more stringent controls are urgently required to govern the sale of, and breeding of domestic rabbits, alongside other areas such as setting minimum welfare recommended living accommodation.

The Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund, and many others, have concluded via studies that in order for two rabbits to live comfortably, they require, as a minimum, a warm, secure shelter/bedroom area of at least 6x2x2ft which is securely attached, and accessible to, a large outdoor/exercise area of at least 10ft. Indoor living rabbits should also be given a similar sized living environment also.

During our time we have also come to provide permanent sanctuary for several bunnies, all from various neglected backgrounds, who all suffer from various health issues and therefore not suitable for re-homing.

Between out current active members we have 26 rabbits in our care. We are not a rescue, but will of course assist wherever possible for the many buns in need via to try and find them a good home, temporary or permanent.

Additionally we will soon be launching a trial rabbit neutering scheme via our own registered vets, The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, Rabbit Clinic.

Through this we hope to not only improve the lives of the rabbits and owners taking part, by offering support, advice and information on rabbit welfare, accommodation and other areas of concern, but the scheme will also assist towards training the rabbit-savvy vets of the future.


Please note, this is a new website which is currently under construction. The content from our original website and more welfare information, links etc. will be added in due course